The Broad Cove Marsh Road


Google Maps Name
Broad Cove Marsh Road
Local Names
Broad Cove Road, Broad Cove Marsh Road
South to North
Start Point
46°14.902′N 61°15.714′W, in Inverside at its junction with the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19)
End Point
46°17.830′N 61°13.852′W, in Dunvegan at its junction with the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19)
8.8 km (5⅖ mi)
Local Road
paved to St Margarets of Scotland Church, gravel thereafter
the paved portion is in fair to good shape; the gravel portion varies with the seasons, but has always been car-driveable with care and sections are good to very good
Route Description
The paved portion of the road ends in Broad Cove Chapel near St Margarets of Scotland Church, site of the well-known annual Broad Cove Scottish Concert on the last Sunday of July, in 2015 in its 59th year. Once past the church, the road turns to gravel and passes over a bridge over Smith Brook; shortly thereafter, you will see a parking area off the road at the left which serves as an unofficial look-off with superb views around much of the compass rose—it’s also a gorgeous spot from which to watch sunsets over the Gulf of St Lawrence. From the look-off, the road continues north, hugging the spectacular coast line first below McDougall Bluff and then below Beatons Mountain; this area of the road is narrow and lined with wild rose bushes whose scent is amazing during July. Once past the bison farm, the gravel road improves and widens and reaches Broad Cove Marsh, passing through active farmland; the smell of newly mown hay mixed with the salt air off the Gulf is fantastic! At Marsh Point, the road turns inland, passes MacLeods Beach and Campsite, and continues to its end in Dunvegan.
Vic’s Scenic Rating

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../essays/1/thumbnails/pa176740.jpg 2005
Broad Cove Chapel 2.7 km (1⅔ mi) from its southern junction with the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19) St Margaret’s of Broad Cove