The Colindale Road


The road I here call the Colindale Road is apparently officially known (e.g., in civic addresses) as the Little Mabou Road; Google Maps shows it under that name as starting in Port Hood and ending in West Mabou. The name Little Mabou Road makes some sense from the Port Hood end, as Little Mabou is the first locality one reaches on it from that direction. But everyone I know in the area refers to it as the Colindale Road and it is so referred to in the local press as well (e.g., the article entitled “Wants paving for Colindale Road” in The Inverness Oran, 2014 April 2, page 4). On this web site (and in this catalogue), I therefore follow local usage and break this road into two: from Port Hood to West Mabou, not far from the entrance to the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park, it is known as the Colindale Road; through West Mabou to the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19), it is known as the West Mabou Road, q.v.
Google Maps Name
Little Mabou Road
Local Names
Colindale Road, Little Mabou Road (westernmost section only)
Southwest to Northeast
Start Point
46°01.630′N 61°32.243′W, at its junction with Main Street and the Marble Hill Road in Port Hood
End Point
46°04.192′N 61°29.154′W, at the West Mabou road sign
8.3 km (5⅛ mi)
Local Road
Generally good, but often “washboarded” during the summer
Route Description
This lovely route traverses forested terrain below Rocky Ridge until it reaches Sutherlands Cove; thereafter, it follows inland, but within sight, of the coast. Just after climbing up from Port Hood, a backwards look will reveal a fine view of Port Hood Island and Port Hood Harbour. If you know just where to look, you can make out the summit of Beinn Bhiorach (Steep Mountain) in the Cape Mabou Highlands to the north before you reach the MacPhee’s red barn, a landmark from the water and from the hiking trails in Cape Mabou. The Colindale Road is best known for its bucolic oceanside scenery and especially for the fantastic views of the coast at the mouth of the Mabou River and from Green Point to Beinn Alasdair Bhain (Fair Alistair’s Mountain) north of Finlay Point as well as the southwestern edge of the Cape Mabou Highlands. If you follow it to its end, you will reach the West Mabou Road, which offers more fine views. This is a road which I drive as often as I am able. Highly recommended!
Vic’s Scenic Rating

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../essays/1/thumbnails/pa146165.jpg 2005
Colindale 4.8 km (3 mi) north of its end in Port Hood The southwestern Cape Mabou Highlands