Egypt Road


I am aware of two Egypt Roads in Inverness County, one starting on the Cabot Trail between Northeast Margaree and the Lakes o’ Law and ending on the East Big Intervale Road in Margaree Valley and the other starting on Highway 395 in Upper Margaree and ending at the Gillanders Mountain Road on the inland plateau east of Keppoch. Although Google Maps continues to refer to both roads as Egypt Road, as does the local usage, if memory serves, the road signage no longer does. (My guess is that this might have something to do with renaming to avoid name clashes for 911 and other emergency calls.) This web page applies to the first of the two roads, not the second.
Google Maps Name
Egypt Road
Local Usage
Egypt Road
South to North
Start Point
46°18.873′N 60°58.402′W, at its junction with the Cabot Trail
End Point
46°21.265′N 60°58.363′W, at its junction with the East Big Intervale Road
6.2 km (3⅞ mi)
Local Road
Generally good to very good
Route Description
From the Cabot Trail, the route climbs northeasterly through hills west of the Three Sisters range at the south end of the Margaree Valley, gaining enough height to offer views of the valley and Highlands to the north at the 1.4 km (⅞ mi) mark. From there, the road continues east around a hill, before turning first north, then east, and finally northwest, arriving at the locality also known as Egypt Road. At the 3.5 km (2⅙ mi) mark, you reach the entrance to the Normaway Inn, with its popular Red Barn, site of its renowned three-fiddler concerts in the summer time. The road continues on to the northwest from there and, at 4.6 km (2⅞ mi), crosses Nile Brook. Shortly thereafter, at 4.9 km (3.1 mi), the road turns more to the west as it nears Margaree Valley and then back to the northwest, reaching the East Big Intervale Road on that course. Much of Egypt Road passes through forest on both sides of the road, which curtails the views: go slowly and watch for the breaks in the trees. Some open fields also offer good views of the Highlands.
Vic’s Scenic Rating
In the fall, areas along this road display excellent colours, adding to the attraction of this road.

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../essays/32/thumbnails/2014.10.09_dsc_4331.jpg 2014
Egypt Road 1.1 km (0.7 mi) northeast of its junction with the Cabot Trail Maple trees along Egypt Road
../essays/32/thumbnails/2014.10.09_dsc_4323.jpg 2014
Egypt Road 1.1 km (0.7 mi) northeast of its junction with the Cabot Trail The Margaree Highlands from Egypt Road
../essays/32/thumbnails/2014.10.09_dsc_4332.jpg 2014
Egypt Road 1.1 km (0.7 mi) northeast of its junction with the Cabot Trail Red-orange trees along Egypt Road