Upper End of Chéticamp Island

Upper end of Chéticamp Island
Photo 11 of 25: Upper end of Chéticamp Island
Taken 2006 August 6 in Plateau from Mountain Road at house number 325
GPS 46°35.2??'N 60°59.9??'W

As one leaves Chéticamp Island and reaches the Cabot Trail, if one continues across the Cabot Trail and drives to what appears to be the end of le Chemin LeFort (”LeFort Road”) part way up the mountain range and then turns left and proceeds 0.5 km (0.3 mi) to house number 325 on Mountain Road, one will be at the vantage point from which this photo and the next one were taken (it appeared to me that it was not possible to drive further up the mountain side on le Chemin LeFort, but Google Maps shows the road takes a 90° turn to the northeast at the house at the end of what I thought a driveway and continues on a considerable distance into the mountainous back country). From this vantage point, one has excellent views of the whole area, excepting for the mountain ranges themselves.

In this view, the northern end of Chéticamp Island can be seen at the right of the photo across Chéticamp Harbour with the Gulf of St Lawrence beyond. L’Église St-Pierre is just left of centre; the main portion of Chéticamp village today lies along the harbour on either side of the church, but, as can be seen here, does not go very far inland. This photo also shows that a goodly portion of Chéticamp Island, like much of the land on the eastern side of the Chéticamp Harbour, is forested.