Lower End of Chéticamp Island

Lower end of Chéticamp Island
Photo 13 of 25: Lower end of Chéticamp Island
Taken 2006 August 6 in Plateau from le Chemin LeFort at its junction with Mountain Road
GPS 46°35.2??'N 60°59.9??'W

This view is from the end of the Chemin LeFort, a bit further to the south than the previous two photos; it shows the southern end of Chéticamp Island 5.6 km (3.5 mi) away. La Pointe is the long point which sticks out into the left of this photo, making a huge arc with the sandbar which joins Chéticamp Island to Cape Breton. Along that arc one can see the popular beach, la Plage St-Pierre, also sometimes called Chéticamp Beach or Chéticamp Island Beach. Point Cross is on Cape Breton to the left of and just outside the scope of this photo.

The bridge one sees at the right of the photo carries the Cabot Trail over the mouth of La Rivière du Platin. Hard to see in this photo, very near the southern edge of the forest on La Pointe, a communications tower rises to 81 m (266 ft) above sea level. La Pointe is, of course, the area where the merchants from the Isle of Jersey had their piers and, originally, their store; early on, the Crown granted them ownership of much of the southern end of Chéticamp Island, while it retained the northern end for itself. There is still a pier at La Pointe today; if one knows where to look, it can be (barely) seen here, a little more than halfway down the grassy area of La Pointe.