La Pointe Enragée

La Pointe Enragée
Photo 15 of 25: La Pointe Enragée
Taken 2006 August 6 from Lighthouse Road on Chéticamp Island
1 km (0.6 mi) from the gate at the lighthouse compound
GPS 46°38.855'N 61°01.002'W

The top of the communications tower at the left of the photo is 52 m (170 ft) above sea level, dwarfing the lighthouse—still in service—at la Pointe Enragée (”Raging Point”), the northwest corner of Chéticamp Island. It is doubtlessly named for the rolling waves which, even on a relatively calm day like this one, boil over the rocks offshore—all that remains of previously eroded land. I have seen the incredibly powerful and massive waves along the shore at La Bloc along the Cabot Trail on a windy day; it must be an even more impressive sight here when they are in that state and slam head-on into this point! Note the serious erosion of the meadow along the island’s northern coast that has required the erection of a fence to keep the cattle a safe distance away from the edge.

Although I can not make it out in this photo, there is a chain link fence that surrounds the compound containing the communications tower, the lighthouse, and the white building, barring them to public access. The road one sees here dead ends just beyond the communications tower.

The north end of Chéticamp Island is used as free-range pasture and each of the times I have been there, large herds of cattle can be seen at various points along Lighthouse Road.