The Coast to Sight Point

The Coast to Sight Point
Photo 25 of 25: The Coast to Sight Point
Taken 2006 August 6 from Chéticamp Island Road 1.1 km (0.7 mi) from its junction with the Cabot Trail
near the east end of the sand bar at the south end of Chéticamp Island
GPS 46°35.9??'N 61°01.9??'W

This view returns to that of the first photo in this essay, looking down the coast to Sight Point below Inverness village and Margaree Island, but this time some 20 km (12.4 mi) further south and from water level rather than from high above the Gulf, as before. As can be better seen in this photo than the first one, the coast below the Margaree River bears considerably southwestward before reaching Sight Point. Margaree Island can be seen in the centre of the right third of the photo, to the right of Sight Point; it is actually 23 km (14.3 mi) north of Sight Point, though at this distance they appear to be closer together. Cap le Moine is again seen here as the point sticking out in the middle ground at the left above which the mountains on the south side of the Margaree River tower.

This ends our visit to the Acadian region of Chéticamp, extremely rich in natural beauty and justly proud of its heritage, culture, and community. There are many things to see and do and hear in this lovely area and I encourage you to visit if you do not yet know it. If you already do, I am sure you are as eager to return there as I am and I hope to meet you as we both explore more of its delights.