Eagle Surveys the Mabou River

Eagle Surveys the Mabou River
Photo 12 of 25: Eagle Surveys the Mabou River
Taken 2006 August 4 from the Mabou Harbour Road across from house number 724
GPS 46°05.04?'N 61°25.66?'W

I was so busy snapping the very fine views from this location on Mabou Harbour Road that I wasn’t at all aware that I was not the only one enjoying the beautiful day on a gorgeous river! It was therefore with some surprise when I got home and looked at the photos I had taken that I discovered the eagle in the top of the tree in the centre of the photo, doubtless enjoying a postprandial rest (the photo was taken at 10h22). Sure enough, this eagle appears in each of the photos I took that day that look in this general direction.

It is certainly not uncommon to see eagles around the Mabou River, though this is the first time I’ve seen one perched in a tree overlooking this part of the river: probably because they are easier to notice when flying than when resting, I much more often see them in the air, fishing the river’s rich resources. Anytime you are near the river, keep your eyes open and you will sooner or later be sure to spot one or more eagles; they are especially common in the morning before they have caught their fill of fish.

The hills and fields of West Mabou line the southern bank of the Mabou across from this vantage point. But the fine views available here are much vaster than a single photo can convey, covering much of the compass, from Northeast Cove to well down the Mabou River past Indian Point. It’s a beautiful vantage point, well worth a stop.