First-Prize Tree on the Mull River Road

First-prize tree on the Mull River Road
Photo 20 of 25: First-prize tree on the Mull River Road
Taken 2007 October 18 in Mull River from the Mull River Road
2.25 km (1.4 mi) southwest of house number 825
GPS 46°01.2??'N 61°21.8??'W

My travelling companion for the day and I both awarded this glorious tree first prize: of all the many beautiful red-clad trees we saw this day, this one was simply awesome, in the true meaning of that word, as it popped out at us as we rounded a corner on the Mull River Road. I stopped the car and we both gazed at it in silence for a couple minutes, so great was its ravishing beauty. Then, I got out and took this picture.

Alas, I should have backed off a bit, as my position is not quite right to have captured the entire tree, but its glory still comes through in spite of my sloppy framing.