View from Highway 252

View from Highway 252
Photo 22 of 25: View from Highway 252
Taken 2007 October 18 in Hillsborough from Highway 252 1 km (0.6 mi) west of house number 3980
GPS 46°03.343'N 61°19.806'W

For as long as I have been driving Highway 252, I have been looking for a view of the Mull River from the cliffs above the Mull River Valley along which Highway 252 passes. I do not previously recall the mini look-off from which this photo was taken. I suspect that is because it probably came into being this year as a consequence of the brush clearing performed while resurfacing Highway 252 and redoing its shoulders.

In any case, as we were driving towards Brook Village, we came across this glorious scene. The Mull River lies below, surrounded by beautiful colours, with Mabou Mountain in the far distance. The water one sees above the centre of the photo in the middle distance is the Mabou River (the Mull River changes names between Murrays Bridge and Glendyer Station, depending on the local source one asks). Murrays Bridge is hidden here by the trees.

Now that I am aware that this look-off exists, I am eager to see it in its summer colours as well. It will surely become one of my favourite views in the Mabou area!