Looking Upriver from the Fence Pool

View upriver from the Fence Pool
Photo 9 of 25: View upriver from the Fence Pool
Taken 2007 July 27 from Les Trous de saumons (Salmon Holes) Trail at the Fence Pool
GPS 46°38.412'N 60°56.676'W

This upriver view from near the Fence Pool shows la Montagne Noire at the right of the photo with the mountains forming the south side of the Chéticamp River gorge in the centre and left of the photo. Boulders and cobblestones are ubiquitous, making the river sing as it flows over and past them.

The river bend one sees in the distance follows the lower flank of la Montagne Noire; ascending the river beyond it, the hiker will be proceeding east whereas, up to this point, the direction is primarily southeast.