The First Pool

The First Pool
Photo 11 of 25: The First Pool
Taken 2007 June 22 from Les Trous de saumons (Salmon Holes) Trail at the First Pool
GPS 46°37.915'N 60°54.866'W

This photo was taken on an earlier hike of Les Trous de saumons Trail, my first. It was a mostly cloudy day at the very start of summer and the trees were still sporting their vivid spring green hues.

This view upriver shows First Pool, with the trees on the slopes above reflecting in the deep waters of the pool. They are a bit hard to see here, but if you look closely a bit below the centre left of the photo you can see the low falls over which the river spills.

Notice the paucity of boulders here; the bedrock has been scraped bare: any boulders that were once there have been pushed further downstream. While it is not easy to see here, the water in this pool is not at all still; as the previous photo shows, it is moving speedily downhill, though there are eddies within the pool as the water constrained by the narrower chute at the falls spreads out into the wider expanse offered by the pool.