Looking Downriver
at the Site of the Former Foot Bridge

View downriver from the site of the former foot bridge
Photo 16 of 25: View downriver from the site of the former foot bridge
Taken 2007 July 27 from Les Trous de saumons (Salmon Holes) Trail
at the end of the second side trail above the First Pool

Three minutes above the pool and falls of the previous photos, one comes to a second side trail, where handrails again lead down to exposed bedrock. This site is the second that could possibly designate the Chance Pool.

This downriver view shows the rapids and pool (at the far left) below the falls at this site just upriver from here. Note again the severe tilt of the river here as it rushes down the gorge. Note too the mixture of bedrock and boulders along both shores; out in the middle, it is unclear whether what one sees is bedrock or boulders—given that many of the protuberances are the same colour as the bedrock, most are probably the former. The dark hues of the boulders at the right of the photo would seem to indicate that they are not originally local to this site, but have been pushed downriver from their former locations.