Cobblestone Shore at the Third Pool

The cobblestone shore at the Third Pool
Photo 22 of 25: The cobblestone shore at the Third Pool
Taken 2007 July 27 from Les Trous de saumons (Salmon Holes) Trail at the Third Pool

When one leaves the Second Pool for the Third Pool, the trail passes directly above the Second Pool and its falls. Indeed, much of the first part of this section of the trail lies directly above the river, though unfortunately somewhat hidden by trees; one constantly hears the river’s noise and occasionally has views of the cascades as the river rushes through the gorge. Reaching the Third Pool requires hiking up a hill about the same height as the one at the trail head, approximately 100 m (328 ft); before reaching the summit of the hill, one crosses a dry creek bed, about seven minutes before Third Pool. It took me twenty-one minutes going upriver and seventeen minutes returning, so the moderate climb slowed me down, as usual.

This pile of cobblestones at the lower end of the Third Pool, which lies at the left of this photo, is distinctive; they are in short supply at the pools downriver, where bedrock or boulders or both stand out, though they are seen on the lower course of the river, as in the views from the Cabot Trail bridge. Both bedrock and boulders are also present at Third Pool, but it would appear that many of the boulders have been reduced to cobblestones and apparently flung aside by the waters rushing past.