Coast East of Kemps Point

Coast east of Kemps Point
Photo 20 of 30: Coast east of Kemps Point
Taken 2008 June 10 from Fergusons Road #2 near its end
GPS 45°37.7??'N 61°31.0??'W

This view shows the shore to the east. It appears to be noticeably less rocky than the shore in the other direction leading to Kemps Point, being predominantly sand here, with an admixture of a few cobblestones. The waters at the left of the photo are those of Narrow Pond (not the same as the much smaller pond seen in the previous photo); it, too, appears to have once been connected to the ocean, but is now blocked by the sand bar which the ocean has thrown up. In the far distance, one can see hills which rise to a height of more than 25 m (80 ft) above the shore and continue inland, rising in altitude as they go. Although a bit hard to see here, because they blend into the sand bar around Narrow Pond, the white cliffs that line the shore below the hills in the far distance are gleaming in the bright sun.

I could not believe my incredible luck in having two perfect days in a row in which to explore the east cost of Cape Breton, at last seeing at least parts of a coast which was completely new to me!