Mira River to the Northeast
from North of Grand Mira North

Mira River to the northeast from north of Grand Mira North
Photo 21 of 34: Mira River to the northeast from north of Grand Mira North
Taken 2008 June 11 in Grand Mira North from the Grand Mira North Road
5.5 km (3.4 mi) north of the bridge over the Mira River at Victoria Bridge
GPS 45°52.09?'N 60°18.67?'W

Taken a bit further north than the previous photo, this view looks across the wide expanse of the Mira in Grand Mira North. The course of the Grand Mira South Road as it follows the far shore can be inferred from the dwellings beside the water.

It is only a scant 22 km (13.6 mi) in straight-line distance due west from Grand Mira South to Big Pond Centre on the shore of East Bay, a part of the Bras d’Or Lakes system. Along that shore, the East Bay Hills form a range that runs from southwest to the northeast all along East Bay; according to The Nova Scotia Atlas, they rise to more than 175 m (575 ft) above the lake. The mountain range running from the far left to beyond the centre of this photo, which rises to more than 150 m (500 ft), is unnamed; separated by a valley from the East Bay Hills, it parallels them to and beyond the Cape Breton County line. The range’s strong northeastward bent here forces the Mira River to turn 45° when the Mira gets closer to it above Marion Bridge; the river narrows considerably there as well from the wide expanse one sees here.