Mira River to the Northwest from Grand Mira South

Mira River to the northwest from Grand Mira South
Photo 22 of 34: Mira River to the northwest from Grand Mira South
Taken 2008 June 10 in Grand Mira South from the Grand Mira South Road in St Margaret’s churchyard
GPS 45°52.459'N 60°17.369'W

In this view to the northwest from Grand Mira South, one sees the same ridge as shown in the previous photo, but further to the south. I am not certain, but I believe the peak rising near the centre of the photo is Huntington Mountain. In the original of this photo, one can readily see seven pylons of the power line which marches along this ridge, connecting Port Hawkesbury to the urban north of Cape Breton County; in this reduced view, they are still there but extremely difficult to see (only three can be readily made out (and that only barely) in this compressed view: one is to the left of the peak about a quarter of the way in from the left, the second is just to the left above the point at the right, and the third is about a ninth of the way in from the right edge of the photo).

The foliage on the far shore is a study in spring greens and, even at this distance, it is possible to pick out individual trees, many of which have only very recently burst into leaf. The compression has blurred what was considerably sharper in the original, but there is still enough detail here that the differing shades suffice to distinguish one tree from the next.