Mira River from Albert Bridge

Mira River from Albert Bridge
Photo 31 of 34: Mira River from Albert Bridge
Taken 2011 June 11 in Albert Bridge from Highway 22 (the Louisbourg Highway)
near the Union Presbyterian Church
GPS 46°01.24?'N 60°03.52?'W

Like Marion Bridge, Albert Bridge is both the name of a bridge and a community. At Albert Bridge as at Marion Bridge, the Mira is again constrained to a fairly narrow channel that the bridge spans, after which it again widens significantly, though the passage at Albert Bridge is wider than the one at Marion Bridge. This downriver view from Albert Bridge to the north shows the main flow of the Mira river: it runs to the left and then to the right around the point of the peninsula at the right of the photo. The land in the centre and left of the photo is the northern shore of the river.

To the east of Albert Bridge, there are again two roads on each side of the Mira: Hornes Road (Highway 255) is on the north side and Brickyard Road (so named because the French at Louisbourg made bricks from the fire clay found along the Mira River¹) is on the south side. I drove both of those roads, but was disappointed, with one exception, to not see much of the Mira from them: Hornes Road is far enough away from the river that one can see nothing from the road; while the eastern part of Brickyard Road is similarly distant from the river, the western part does come fairly close to it, but given the large number of houses and cottages in this area, does not provide any good vantage points from the road. The one exception is Mira Provincial Park, which sits on the other side of the peninsula whose point one sees here, from which (if one drives into the park) there are fine views of the Mira to the north. A PDF brochure describing this park, which has extensive camping facilities, is available here.

¹ I am indebted to this web site for this information.