Mira River at Grand Mira North

Mira River at Grand Mira North
Photo 4 of 33: Mira River at Grand Mira North
Taken 2008 October 8 in Grand Mira North from the Grand Mira North Road
5.6 km (3½ mi) north of its junction with the South Grand Mira Road in Victoria Bridge
GPS 45°52.15?'N 60°18.74?'W

After leaving Red Cape, I explored Belfry Beach; alas, there was no room in this essay for any of the photos I took there, so that will be for another time. I continued on to the source of the Mira River, getting close to the head of the Mira River along MacEachern Road and finding some views of the Figure-of-Eight Lake I had missed on my spring trip. By then, it was getting time to find lodging and supper, so I drove towards Louisbourg by way of the Grand Mira North Road, from which this view was taken under much better light than I had here this spring (compare, e.g., with this photo).

The Mira is further inland than the areas in the previous photos, all of which are directly on the Atlantic coast, so it is not surprising that there are more fall colours showing here. As one can see along the unnamed mountain range at the horizon at the left, the deciduous trees have clearly begun to turn, yielding a mottled colour in contrast to the solid dark greens of the evergreens on the east shore of the Mira. Green grass and bushes are still in evidence here, but there are also the browns, roses, and reds of frost-touched grass and bushes in the foreground. This was still fairly early in the colour cycle and the colours I saw inland of the East Coast were mostly pastels; the peak of colour had certainly not yet been reached here.