Vista from Saint Anns

Vista from Saint Anns
Photo 15 of 33: Vista from Saint Anns
Taken 2008 October 14 in St Anns from the Cabot Trail
9.7 km (6 mi) north of Exit 11 on the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 105)
GPS 46°15.43?'N 60°36.08?'W

At St Anns, one is clearly at the edge of the Cape Breton Highlands, though the park proper does not begin until one reaches Ingonish well to the north. As one can see here, the mountains bordering St Anns Harbour are awash in colours.

The clouds are steadily increasing in number and the shadows they cast leave the some of the hills in shade and the waters below a darker colour than one would like. But they can not subtract from the glory of this view.

Murray Mountain is the mountain at the far right of the photo. To the left of its foot in the centre of the photo is an unnamed inlet that receives the outflow of the North River.