View from the Cabot Trail at Ingonish Ferry

View from the Cabot Trail at Ingonish Ferry
Photo 31 of 33: View from the Cabot Trail at Ingonish Ferry
Taken 2008 October 20 in Ingonish Ferry from the Cabot Trail beside the Castle Rock Country Inn
GPS 46°37.604'N 60°22.674'W

The Cabot Trail north of Tarbotvale was pretty with plenty of colour, but I remember no spot on this cloudy day that said “Stop and take my photo!” until we had crossed Cape Smokey, descended the other side, and negotiated the 90° curve at Ingonish Ferry, when this scene hove into view. Here, the view of South Bay Ingonish, Middle Head with the Keltic Lodge, North Bay Ingonish, and the highlands beyond could not be passed by without stopping for photos, especially given the flaming forest that lay immediately below on the edge of South Bay Ingonish!

Again, note that the sun was absent, covered by clouds; still, the inherent radiance of the leaves themselves is almost enough to make up for the missing sun. And there are bright reds aplenty here, though from the distance one has to look closely to distinguish them from the adjacent trees. What a lovely scene!