North Aspy River Valley from the Cabot Trail

North Aspy River Valley from the Cabot Trail
Photo 32 of 33: North Aspy River Valley from the Cabot Trail
Taken 2008 October 20 from the Cabot Trail at the uppermost look-off ascending North Mountain
GPS 46°48.767'N 60°39.007'W

After a visit to Middle Head, Neils Harbour, a descent to White Point, some sandwiches at Cape North, a visit to the Cabot Landing Provincial Park, and a drive into Beulach Ban Falls, we ascended North Mountain, where the Aspy Valley between North Mountain at the right and South Mountain at the left was, at least in the lower elevations, a blaze of colours, even with an obscured sun. The upper elevations were mostly leafless but there was good colour everywhere else one looked.

The Aspy Fault, formed when two tectonic plates collided some 450 million years ago, runs southwestward in a fairly straight line from the sea bed along the east coast of Money Point beyond Cape North village through the Aspy Valley and beyond to the Margarees; both the North Aspy River and the upper section of the Northeast Margaree River flow along this fault line. The beautiful Beulach Ban (“White Gorge”) Falls are also on the North Aspy River.