Col below Beinn Bhiorach

The col below Beinn Bhiorach
[#1] Photo 4 of 24: The col below Beinn Bhiorach
Taken 2005 June 21 from the Coill à Bhraighe (Highland Forest) Trail
at its junction with the Gleann Sidh (Enchanted Valley) Trail below the Beinn Bhiorach summit
GPS 46°10.027′N 61°25.328′W

The junction indicated by the signs is at a col just below the Beinn Bhiorach summit. As the sign indicates, it’s only 0.2 km (0.1 mi) from here to the top. Again, note the very clear signage.

It’s a stiff climb for me—I usually stop at least twice on the way up, but I know I’m close, so it goes fast! And there are views of the sides of the plateau across the col as one gets higher up.

[2012] Alas, this col was one of the areas hit very hard by the spruce bark beetle, with dead trees blocking the trails that meet here; those obstructions are said to have since been cleared and the trees seen in this photo are now gone, leaving open skies where the sun had difficulty penetrating but a short few years ago.