Beinn Bhiorach Summit

The Beinn Bhiorach Summit
[#1] Photo 6 of 24: The Beinn Bhiorach Summit
Taken 2005 June 21 from the Beinn Bhiorach (Steep Mountain) Trail
on the summit of Beinn Bhiorach near the trail head
GPS 46°10.08?′N 61°25.42?′W

The summit of Beinn Bhiorach is a mix of meadow and evergreens. The trail through the meadow leads towards the summit’s vistas and alternate ascents. In August, the meadow harbours blueberries, which are extremely tiny (it’s usually very windy and often very cold here) and very, very sweet; it also hosts a collection of different wild flowers which are in bloom at various times. It’s a very fragile environment, so you should keep to the trails to avoid making life any harder for the plants than it already is.

I have never seen a bear on Beinn Bhiorach (nor, for that matter, elsewhere in the Cape Mabou Highlands), but there are plenty of signs of their presence on and adjacent to the trails. Because they love the blueberries as much as humans do, you should exercise a bit of caution during the time they are ripe and be prepared for the unexpected bear encounter, advice on handling which is available on this Parks Canada web page.