Meadows at the foot of Beinn Bhiorach

The Meadows at the foot of Beinn Bhiorach
[#1] Photo 9 of 24: The Meadows at the foot of Beinn Bhiorach
Taken 2005 June 21 from the summit of Beinn Bhiorach close to its southern edge
GPS 46°10.032′N 61°25.476′W

”The Meadows” (my name for them, not an official one) lie directly on the coast along the flank of Beinn Bhiorach; they sit a good height above the water and their edge should not be approached very closely as they are eroded underneath. The cleft at the left end of the meadows, carved by MacKinnons Brook, marks where it enters the Northumberland Strait (or the Gulf of St Lawrence—The Nova Scotia Atlas uses both names for this water). Even from this height, one can see the surf crashing against the rocks; the boat at the upper right is a lobster boat. Three days after this photo was taken, I saw a deer resplendent in its vivid spring colors as I was returning from the Meadows: it stood stock still watching me and I stopped dead as soon as I saw it, but unfortunately it was spooked as I surreptitiously (I thought) reached for my camera. It was the only large animal other than a cow that I’ve ever seen in the Cape Mabou Highlands.