Eagles Playing at Beinn Bhiorach

Eagles playing at Beinn Bhiorach
[#1] Photo 10 of 24: Eagles playing at Beinn Bhiorach
Taken 2005 August 17 from the Beinn Bhiorach Trail below the summit of Beinn Bhiorach
GPS 46°10.02?′N 61°25.5??′W

It is not uncommon to see eagles anywhere in the Cape Mabou Highlands (or hear them above when one is in the forest), but they especially frequent the coast. In my experience, it is rare to see very many together at once, but this summer on another day I counted twelve in the air not far from here. There are four eagles in this photo: the topmost is just below the top edge of the photo slightly to the right of center; the second is below and to the left of the first, just above an arm of a cloud; the third is just barely visible below the haze of the middle cloud; the fourth is not far above the summit and to the left of and well below the third eagle. In addition to the eagles, this photo gives one a good view of the Beinn Bhiorach (”Steep Mountain”) Trail, which offers the shortest ascent from MacKinnons Brook, but also the steepest. I did it once last year, but I fear it’s pretty much beyond my abilities at this point. Descending, however, once past some very treacherous footing near the summit, offers gorgeous views nearly all the way down—highly recommended!