Panorama from Beinn Alasdair Bhain

Panorama from the summit of Beinn Alasdair Bhain (Fair Alistair’s Mountain)
[#1] Photo 17 of 24: Panorama from the summit of Beinn Alasdair Bhain (Fair Alistair’s Mountain)
Taken 2005 June 24 from the look-off at the summit of Beinn Alasdair Bhain
GPS 46°09.071′N 61°26.851′W

I never tire of this stupendous view of the coast from Beinn Alasdair Bhain. In the middle ground, Mabou Coal Mines and Finlay Point are at the right of centre and at the right; Mabou Coal Mines Point is the next point beyond Finlay Point. Past that, one can make out just the tip of Beaton Point (Green Point is not visible here), and then it’s across the mouth of the Mabou River to the Colindale Road shore and beyond the land mass to St Georges Bay and beyond it to the Nova Scotia mainland near Cape George in the far distance. The red barn on the Colindale Road is just barely visible in the full-sized version of this photo, but in this smaller one, the barn is impossible to see and the mainland is hard to separate from the horizon (Cape George itself is beyond the right edge of this photo). There is a fine sand beach at Mabou Coal Mines, mostly hidden in this view, quite unlike the gravel beach one sees leading up to Finlay Point. Beinn Alasdair Bhain is a short 1.1 km (0.7 mi) hike from the Mabou Post Road Trail Head, though I find it a very stiff climb. The view, however, is unsurpassed on the Island and well worth the effort it takes.

[2012] This view, while changed in particulars as relates to the forestation, is as great as always. The portion of the CMTC system officially opened in 2011 included the Beinn Alasdair Bhain (Fair Alistair’s Mountain) Trail (rerouted north of the look-off), the MacPhee Trail, the Beaton Trail, and the Cul Na Beinne (Beyond the Mountain) Trail; those parts I hiked were all in excellent shape. So, if you’re in the area, be sure to hike up here; it’s a great view!