Trail Engineering

Trail Engineering
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Taken 2005 August 18 from the MacKinnons Brook Trail
about twenty minutes north of the junction with the Bealach Scridean (Scree Path) Trail
GPS 46°10.68?′N 61°25.68?′W

At this point, a brook crosses the MacKinnons Brook Trail to spill into the Gulf of St Lawrence which is nearby and below. Notice the care with which the stepping stones are placed to provide good footing for crossing the brook and the way the rocks are arranged to support the trail as it climbs up past the brook. Careful siting of trails, rerouting of old trails where necessary, switchbacks on the Trap à Mhathain (Bear Trap) Trail to prevent erosion (and ease the climb), impeccable signage, provision of look-offs to take in the gorgeous vistas—all these things and many more bear witness to the loving care and attention lavished on this trail system. It didn’t just happen; it was built!

[2012] I cannot be positive, but based on the timing of the photos I think this is the crossing of Big Brook south of the the junction of MacKinnons Brook Trail and Braighe à Bhaird (Poet’s Ridge) Trail. It is definitely north by nineteen minutes of the junction of the MacKinnons Brook Trail and the Bealach Scridean (Scree Path) Trail, which would put it near the Big Brook crossing.