Shore East from the Lighthouse Trail

Shore east from the Lighthouse Trail
Photo 16 of 45: Shore east from the Lighthouse Trail
Taken 2008 October 9 from the Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail on Western Gun Landing Cove Head
GPS 45°54.6??'N 59°56.9??'W

This photo was taken from the same place as the preceding one, but looking a bit north of east across what I take to be Western Gun Landing Cove Head. The red ribbon in the lower right corner is a construction marker for the trail, which can be seen to its left crossing the grassy surface. This is wet, boggy, spongy terrain, very similar to what one finds at the coast at Baleine; standing water can be seen just to the right of the rocks at the left of the photo.

When I was there, the trail was still very clearly a work in progress (though a sign said it was supposed to have been completed in July, 2008). The way forward from this point was not in the same state as the trail up to this point and it just sort of peters out when one reaches the east side of the headland. My trail notes indicate that the end of the trail was mucky and needs the stone foundation laid that I had encountered heretofore. On my hike back, I had a chance to chat with one of the ladies on the construction crew, who was very happy to be able to work along this beautiful shore. She indicated that the trail would end in a large loop that would circle around the headland and return to near where I took this photo. Somewhat closer to the lighthouse, I met another of the crew who was hauling a wagon of crushed stone to be laid on the trail. I very much look forward to returning next year to see the progress that has been made.

[2012] When I returned here in 2011, this part of the trail was in the same fine state as the earlier part of the trail, a very fine walking surface indeed! Congratulations to all those who dreamed of this trail and to those it made it a reality! If you visit Louisbourg, don’t fail to hike this beautiful trail!