Mabou from the Beaton Road

Mabou from the Beaton Road
Photo 27 of 41: Mabou from the Beaton Road
Taken 2009 October 14 from the Beaton Road 800 m (½ mi) south of its junction with the Rankinville Road
GPS 46°03.184'N 61°22.514'W

After returning to Mabou from L’Ardoise, I greatly enjoyed Tuesday’s concert at the Strathspey Place and, since there was no dance after the concert, made my way to the Red Shoe Pub where I continued the musical feast listening to the fine playing of Marc Boudreau and Robbie Fraser whilst socializing with friends between the selections. It was another late night; nevertheless, Wednesday morning, I got up early as I saw outside my window a most welcome sight—sun brightening the grass!

Once outside and in the car, I found that the skies were anything but clear and the air held a fair amount of haze, but I was not about to complain. I drove out the Rankinville Road and up the Beaton Road (on the slopes of the Southwest Ridge, also known as Mabou Ridge), where I got the photo one sees above of the lovely views from that road. Just left of centre, you can see the Mabou River lying below the Cape Mabou Highlands on its way to the sea at Mabou Harbour; the steeple of St Marys Church in Mabou village is at the far right. The shadow of the telephone pole in the foreground attests that, in spite of all of the clouds, the sun was out.

Many of the trees visible here have begun to change, but there are still lots of greens on trees that have not. While there are a few stand-out red trees, the colours here still have a good ways to go. Moreover, the grass in the field attests that no serious frost has yet occurred here, doubtless because of the protection afforded by the Mabou River and the surrounding hills.