Margaree River with snow

Margaree River with snow
Photo 31 of 41: Margaree River with snow
Taken 2009 October 15 in Margaree Valley from the Crowdis Cross Road
from the Crowdis Bridge over the Northeast Margaree River
GPS 46°21.938'N 60°58.564'W

After leaving the look-off, I drove back south to the Crowdis Cross Road, which intersects the West Big Intervale Road at GPS 46°21.998'N 60°58.719'W. I turned left there and drove 300 m (0.2 mi) to Crowdis Bridge, the green bridge over the Margaree River (the newer chunkier design, not the more graceful, if less sturdy, old design one sees, for example, at Portree), from which this photo looking north (upriver) was taken.

The Margaree River attracts dedicated salmon fishermen from the world over, but the enthusiasm of these two, who braved wind and rain and the cold in pursuit of their passion is certainly inspiring! (And they were not alone—I saw others out fishing at other spots along the Margaree River.) The snow of the night before still lingers on the banks of the river, as it did on the bridge itself. This photo also gives a rather different impression of the amount of colour change in the Margarees than the previous photo did: here, there are lots of leaves that haven’t turned at all along with others that have. And, in spite of the snow, the greens lining the face of the river bank and those near the river’s edge on the other side show as yet no signs of a killing frost. Beside the bridge, there was a lovely bright green lawn that was so pretty that I took a photo of it in spite of the poor light. Downriver, the trees looked to be somewhat more changed, but plenty of green leaves were still in evidence.