Meat Cove Mountain from the Meat Cove Look-Off

Meat Cove Mountain from the Meat Cove Look-Off
Photo 22 of 34: Meat Cove Mountain from the Meat Cove Look-Off
Taken 2010 March 21 from the Meat Cove Look-Off
GPS 47°01.225'N 60°34.146'W

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This sparkling view from the Meat Cove Look-Off features Meat Cove Mountain directly across the ravine carved by Meat Cove Brook. The trail up Meat Cove Mountain, which I hiked for the first time in 2009, ascends well inland of the distinctive promontory seen here, which displays its bare rock cliffs at the 45° angle that immediately catches the eye when seen from down below in Meat Cove. From the sloping ridge in the centre of the photo and along its prolongation to the far right, there are great views in every direction. To the east is a fine view of the highland plateau back of Capstick. Towards the northeast, the Cape North massif, which can be seen at the left of this photo in the far distance, is visible to its end in Cape North; turning more to the north, much of Bay St Lawrence comes into view and, on a clear day, you get a very fine view of St Paul Island offshore in the Cabot Strait. To the north, views of the community of Meat Cove and its stunning terrain lie beneath one’s feet. That terrain and the massif on which the Meat Cove Look-Off is found blocks the westward views towards Cape St Lawrence and Lowland Cove, but that massif is itself more than eye-catching and the views to the south of that massif and the Meat Cove Brook valley below are simply marvellous.

I remember that hike very well both for its impressive and overwhelming greens on the massif and for the amazing rock formations on Meat Cove Mountain; how different that scene looks here, where a shroud of snow covers nearly everything except the evergreens!