Eastern Shores of the
Southwestern End of Ciboux Island

Eastern shores of the southwestern end of Ciboux Island
Photo 37 of 90: Eastern shores of the southwestern end of Ciboux Island
Taken 2011 July 29 from off the eastern shores of Ciboux Island
GPS 46°23.015'N 60°22.403'W

This photo, taken a bit more than halfway towards the northern end of Ciboux Island, shows the eastern shores of the southern half of the island. Hertford Island is at the left in the middle distance and the northern shores of the Great Bras d’Or Massif are in the far distance.

Near the centre of the photo just above the slanting bare rock and below the small triangular rock above, you will see a dot of white: that is the head of a bald eagle in a cave there. Although it requires magnification to confirm in the original version, two bald eagles are also skulking at the back of the rightmost cave in this photo; only one can be made out in this compressed version, and that with great difficulty.

The birds in the air seen all across this photo confirm my general impression of their continuous activity.