Rocky outcroppings between Ciboux and Hertford Islands

Rocky outcroppings between Ciboux and Hertford Islands
Photo 70 of 90: Rocky outcroppings between Ciboux and Hertford Islands
Taken 2011 July 29 from halfway between Ciboux and Hertford Island
GPS 46°22.510'N 60°23.217'W

These rocky islets are just about exactly halfway between the southwestern end of Ciboux Island and the northeastern end of Hertford Island. I have no information about the depth of the waters here on either side; since I saw boats crossing through this gap, I assume there is plenty of water for a boat. Nevertheless, one is led to wonder whether the two islands were once one (as in the Mi’kmaq legend) and have since been sundered, leaving just these rocky outcroppings above the water. If so, is this what the two islands themselves will look like a few millenia hence?

At the centre of this photo, one can see the power boat, whose tower was all that was visible in the photo on the previous page. That boat, under magnification, appears to be a fishing vessel of some sort—it is clearly open to the rear; I am not sure what the purpose of its tower is.

In the far distance, one has a hazy view of the northern coast of Boularderie Island; while it was still sunny out on the waters here, clouds had pretty much covered over the lands to the south and east.

That is not a plane in the skies of the upper left of the photo, but a bird (under magnification, it clearly has a white head and a dark body, so is most likely an eagle).