Early Summer 2012


I have been labouring on this essay since my return from Cape Breton at the end of August; it has taken a full month to put together, research, and verify. Although the essay’s title implies that all the photos in this essay were taken during the early summer of 2012, that’s not quite correct, as some date from the last few days of spring 2012 (17 June and thereafter). However, summer weather and the long dry spell that marked the amazing summer of 2012 had already arrived by then, so the title reflects the way I think about this trip.

It was an excellent trip, with some very fine weather; although it was not always perfect photography weather, it was often good enough and significantly better than in previous years. My travels offered lots of opportunities for photos and I took advantage of them. I had planned on a trip to Cape Breton’s east coast, but the time I had blocked out for that occurred during a spell of unstable weather with overcast skies, so I abandoned those plans; consequently, only Inverness and Victoria Counties are represented in this essay.

The photos are presented in chronological order, with the exception of one page, which groups together photos taken on different days. I have chosen the best of those I took on this first trip; while you will certainly see a number of familiar scenes, I think you will also find many that are new to you, as some were to me. In any case, I hope you enjoy my selections.

Victor Maurice Faubert
2012 September 28

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Note 1: If you are unfamiliar with the place names mentioned in this essay, a list of map resources is given here. Of these, the best computer-readable map of Cape Breton Island that I currently know about is the Cape Breton Travel Map, produced by Destination Cape Breton and, thanks to their express written permission, available as a PDF file here; I strongly urge you to download it. This map scales nicely, allowing you to zoom in on an area of interest, has a very helpful place name index, and provides a level of detail, both of back roads and streams, that is quite good.

Note 2: See the description here for the notation I use for GPS (Global Positioning System) coördinates, which are those I wrote down when I took the photos. In a few cases where I did not record the coördinates, they have been computed from Google Maps.

Feedback on the photos and the accompanying commentary, including corrections, is always welcome; send it to the address in the footer below. All of the essays in this series are archived here.


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