Looking down the Breakwater

Looking down the breakwater
Photo 12 of 24: Looking down the breakwater
Taken 2002 July 27 from the breakwater
GPS 46°05.11?'N 61°28.72?'W

The boulders forming the breakwater are massive and require some athletic ability to maneuver over. The view from there, however, is worth the effort. The red buoy marks the right side of the channel when entering from the Northumberland Strait (red-right-returning are the three R’s of seamen). The currents near the breakwater can be swift and swimming in this area is therefore forbidden. The lighthouse is at Mabou Harbour Mouth, a little over 1 km (0.6 mi) from here. The height of the sand dune at the right is easily gauged in this photograph.

The West Mabou Beach Provincial Park leaflet notes that ”the present channel into Mabou Harbour is man made. The original channel was located further south by about one hundred meters or so, crossing through what is now sand dunes. The change was made (1871-1877) because the original one was difficult to keep open. It filled in often due to the blowing sands. The present channel, however, faces the same dilemma.”