The Marsh at the End of Sams Cove

The marsh of the southern end of Sams Cove
Photo 21 of 24: The marsh of the southern end of Sams Cove
Taken 2005 August 3 from the Acarsaid (Harbour) Trail
at the end of its side trail to the Sams Cove look-off
GPS 46°04.5??'N 61°27.7??'W

Sams Cove is an indentation in the Mabou River shore line. At its land end shown here, its placid waters end in a marsh through which a small brook flows. A bird can be seen swimming at the edge of the grass; when I took the photo, I thought there were two ducks, but, in the photograph, I see only one bird which appears more like a gull than a duck—must be my eyes playing tricks on me again.

The Acarsaid Trail skirts around the marsh, but it can be muddy in this area. While some stepping stones have been laid to assist in crossing the brook, you are probably well-advised to wear waterproof boots here, though I have done it more than once in oxfords without getting my feet wet, but admittedly only after picking my path with considerable care.