Sams Cove from its East Side

Sams Cove from its East Side
Photo 23 of 24: Sams Cove from its East Side
Taken 2005 August 3 from the Acarsaid (Harbour) Trail about halfway to MacLeans Point
GPS 46°04.74?'N 61°27.66?'W

After crossing the marsh at the land end of Sams Cove, the Acarsaid Trail climbs up the other side, from which this view of the cove was taken. I was beginning to be a bit apprehensive, as the sky was clouding up and it had just begun to thunder a bit, but, since I was so close to the trail’s end, I decided to keep on going. I did get rained on that day on the way back, but the woods provided enough protection that I didn’t get wet enough to have to get my rain poncho out of my backpack.

The Acarsaid Trail continues along the east side of Sams Cove until it rejoins the Mabou River shore, where it ends at MacLeans Point, not far from the New Ferry Road. Its total distance is 2.8 km (1¾ mi) from its northern end on the Old Ferry Road Trail on Whale Cove to its southern end at MacLeans Point on the Mabou River. It’s a lovely hike which I highly recommend. You can considerably shorten the hike by using the upper (“river trails”) parking area and following trail 12 (the Whale Cove Trail) to its junction with trail 16 (the Lighthouse Trail (named for a historic lighthouse on McKeens Point,¹ now long gone but still shown on the topographical map)), turning right onto that trail, and continuing on it until you reach the Acarsaid Trail (see the park map in this essay’s first photo).

¹ The park map says MacKeens Point, but the topographical map says McKeens Point, which spelling I have used here.