Tree along the St Ninian Road

On my first full day on Cape Breton Island, the weather was perfect and I wanted to explore the beautiful back country of Southwestern Inverness County. After a leisurely breakfast in Harbourview, I therefore drove out the Hawthorne Road to St Ninian, where the Hawthorne Road turns into the St Ninian Road (which my Prius’ GPS names as the Old Barren Road contrary to the signage and Google Maps).

Red/gold tree along the St Ninian Road
Photo 73 of 310: Red/gold tree along the St Ninian Road
Taken 2013 October 10 in St Ninian from the St Ninian Road
about 1250 m (0.8 mi) north of its junction with the Rear Intervale Road
GPS 45°56.688'N 61°25.534'W

Photo #1 shows one of the first colourful trees I saw on that drive, gleaming in the bright sun, displaying a mix of red and gold with a number of leaves still in the process of changing. It also illustrates how fiercely the deciduous trees have to compete for space amongst the evergreens, which tend to shut them out.