View near Mabou Road

View near Mabou Road
Photo 12 of 24: View near Mabou Road
Taken 2003 July 17 from the Railway Trail near or at its southernmost crossing of Mabou Road
GPS 46°00.???'N 61°27.???'W

I have discovered that I have no photographs of the back country along the trail from Southwest Mabou to Harbourview, at least none that I am certain were taken there, so this photo is a surrogate. When I took it, I was not keeping good records of the photos I took nor where I hiked (the reason I do so now is that I discovered from photos such as this one that my memory was no longer as good as it used to be). This photograph fits my memory of what I remember seeing along this stretch of the trail and it was taken during the week I did the segment, but I can’t swear that it was taken from the trail. But even if it were not, it does at least illustrate the mix of forest, field, and hill that I recall from this segment of the trail. Another lacuna to be filled this summer!

[2012] I am still unsure of the exact location of this photo; my best guess is that it is a northward view from either the Railway Trail near its southernmost crossing of Mabou Road or from Mabou Road itself at or near that point. If this guess be correct, that would make the mountain just left of centre the one along Mabou Harbour Road west of the bridge over the Northeast Mabou River, while Mabou Mountain would be at the far right. Rocky Ridge and Glengarry would be on the left side of the photo; the road one sees at the right would then be the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19) on its way to Mabou.