View from Christy’s Look-Off

View from Christy’s Look-Off
Photo 21 of 24: View from Christy’s Look-Off
Taken 2004 August 15 from the Railway Trail at Christy’s look-off
GPS 45°47.296'N 61°28.855'W

Christy’s look-off is a small but lovely park beside the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19) above Craigmore. The Railway Trail is directly below the railing at the right of the photo; on the north edge of the park, a path leads down to the trail, making it a convenient point at which to leave the car for a hike either north or south along the St Georges Bay coast. I always find it hard to resist stopping when driving past, since the views are superb from here, both to the south, as in this view, and to the west, where Cape George is usually visible.

Last summer, I learned how quickly a storm can come up on St Georges Bay. I had left the car in Creignish at the Recreation Centre across from the Stella Maris church under a sunny sky, though with some clouds in the far distance across the Bay near Cape George. About a mile from the look-off, those clouds had arrived along with a fine burst of chill wind, forcing me to quickly get my rain poncho out of my backpack and over me. The downpour was all over in ten minutes, leaving only a few puddles in the trail, but I was glad I had gear with me to keep me dry!