Green Point and Beyond

Green Point and Beyond
Photo 18 of 25: Green Point and Beyond
Taken 2005 July 31 from the Colindale Road from the waters offshore of MacDonalds Glen
GPS 46°03.995'N 61°30.299'W

Ah, the joys of being in Cape Breton when one has scenes such as this one to enjoy each and every day! This glorious view northward shows in the furthest distance Beinn Alasdair Bhain (Fair Alistair’s Mountain), whose look-off has gorgeous views of the area from which this photo was taken, with Finlay Point lying in the Gulf to its left. The buildings one can barely make out to the right of the gypsum cliffs on Finlay Point at the water’s edge are at Finlay Point Harbour. On this beautifully pellucid day, each of the three other points south of Finlay Point along this coast, Coal Mine Point, Beaton Point, and Green Point, are each distinctly visible, with Green Point closest to the viewer. The Mabou River enters the Gulf on this side of Green Point and West Mabou Beach Provincial Park lies to the right (out of view in this photo).

The marvellous Colindale Road is reached outside of Mabou village by turning off the Cèilidh Trail (Route 19) onto the West Mabou Road. Dawdle a bit as you pass over the mouth of the Southwest Mabou River and detour up the hill on Hunters Road for a wide panorama showing Mabou, Mabou Mountain, the Mabou River, the Cape Mabou Highlands, the Southwest Mabou River, Mabou Ridge, and the country off Glencoe Station way. Return back to the West Mabou Road and continue on some distance until it becomes a gravel road. Drive past the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park entrance and you will soon be at the coast; I’m not quite sure where the West Mabou Road becomes the Colindale Road, as they’re really one and the same. There are guardrails on the side of the road where this photo was taken and, if you’re the least bit like me, you will have to stop to admire the gorgeous views. There are other fine views from the Colindale Road, which continues on to Port Hood, so drive it to its end, turn around, and drive it back—it’s even more beautiful in that direction! And, on the way back, make sure to stop off at the park; it’s a great place for a picnic and a swim on a hot day and there are great views from there as well, not to mention the beautiful (and easy!) trail system described in a previous essay.