Long Point

Long Point
Photo 24 of 25: Long Point
Taken 2005 August 12 from a boat off Baxters Cove
GPS 45°51.6??'N 61°30.8??'W

Creignish Mountain at the left dominates this view of the east coast of St Georges Bay; the mountains in the distance at the middle and right are on the mainland of Nova Scotia. Long Point is at the right of this photo. The green fields at the middle left attest to some active farming in this area and add their contrasting colour to the serene beauty of this scene. Readers of The Railway Trail essay will recall that the Railway Trail runs near these cliffs, affording land-based views of this beautiful shore.

Baxters Cove is a small harbour on the St Georges Bay coast with a sand beach that lies close by. It can be reached by a short (about 1 km (.6 mi)) road towards the shore off the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19) 2.5 km (1.5 mi) south of Judique (GPS 45°51.422'N 61°29.488'W); you need to go slowly before reaching the turn-off as there is no sign for Baxters Cove, though you will see a stop sign at the junction. This road crosses the Railway Trail not far from Baxters Cove, providing a convenient access point to the trail.