West Bay and the Bras d’Or Lake

West Bay and the Bras d’Or Lake
Photo 24 of 25: West Bay and the Bras d’Or Lake
Taken 2003 August 1 from the West Bay Highway probably near Leonards Pond southwest of St Georges Channel
GPS 45°42.7??'N 61°03.8??'W

From the head of West Bay, the Bras d’Or Lakes scenic drive turns to the east, crosses into Richmond County, and follows the south shore of West Bay below South Mountain, passing through Dundee (with its famous resort and golf course), St Georges Channel, Cape George, French Cove, and Sampsonville, before arriving at St Peter’s. There are a number of fine views along this route up to Cape George, after which it passes inland, so one does not see very much of St Peters Inlet. This view to the north shows West Bay at the far left and the Bras d’Or Lake elsewhere. I am not completely certain just where this photo was taken, but, given the view, it must have been between Dundee and Cape George; the closeness of the road to the edge of the lake and the last photo in this essay, taken at the same time, make me think it is near Leonards Pond southwest of St Georges Channel.

Malagawatch is below North Mountain at the middle left of the photo in the middle distance; the end of the peninsula on the south side of River Denys Basin, known as Militia Point, is clearly visible. I can’t identify the white blob that appears to the left of Militia Point in the larger version of the photo, so I can’t say whether it’s a building or a natural feature, but it’s likely close to Marble Mountain. The Barra Strait and Iona are not visible in this view, but would be at the middle right beyond the horizon; the straight-line distance from Leonards Pond to the Barra Strait is 32.7 km (20.3 mi).