View Downstream from the Southwest Mabou Bridge

View downstream from the Southwest Mabou bridge
Photo 4 of 25: View downstream from the Southwest Mabou bridge
Taken 2006 July 3 in Southwest Mabou from the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19)
on the bridge over the Southwest Mabou River
GPS 46°01.473'N 61°27.129'W

This is the view downstream from the other side of the bridge. The river’s course meanders first to the left and then to the right and then to the left again, flowing around the obstacles presented by the low ridge visible above the river bend, the hill sticking out at the left, and the hill in the background on which the community of Glengarry is spread out along Hunters Road. Eventually, the river will make another right and flow between the east side of the hill and the low ridge, which latter rises as it proceeds northeast to and past the steel railway bridge.

The Railway Trail is to the left, mostly outside the view of this photo (it does skirt the hill sticking out on the left) and visible from the bridge only if you know exactly where to look. That means that the views from the trail of the river here are obscured by trees when the river is visible at all, so the Cèilidh Trail bridge is a better vantage point than the trail for this section of the river.

There’s considerably more disturbance in the water here than in the view upstream; I suspect that this means that the river is a bit shallower here than there.