The Southwest Mabou River Just above Its Mouth

The Southwest Mabou River just above its mouth
Photo 17 of 25: The Southwest Mabou River just above its mouth
Taken 2006 July 7 from the Railway Trail about a leisurely twenty minutes upstream from West Mabou Road
GPS 46°03.0??'N 61°25.6??'W

As it approaches its mouth, wide marshes appear on both sides of the Southwest Mabou River. In this photo, the marsh grasses are clad in their spring and early summer greens, though they will become yellower as the season progresses.

Multiple channels, as the river begins to form its delta, are visible in this photo, if one looks closely. The main channel is the blue S curve which continues out of sight past the bank of trees in the middle of the photo; smaller channels can be seen in the middle right of the photo as darker streaks in the marsh. If one follows one of those lines to the left of the dark trees at the far right of the photo, one will reach the bank of the river beyond the bottom of the S; if one follows the line which comes out of the top of the S, one will see it proceeds across the photo to the right. This is a good spot to watch for eagles fishing at the appropriate times, but I saw none here this day, as I had on several other occasions. In the past, I have also seen a variety of water birds active in this part of the river.

The sloping mountain at the right of the photo in the far background is in the Cape Mabou Highlands across the Mabou River, which flows behind the clump of trees below the mountain. From this point on towards the West Mabou Road, the Cape Mabou Highlands will become more and more prominent, until they dominate the scene at the West Mabou Road.