Mabou River Colours

Mabou River Colours
Photo 3 of 25: Mabou River Colours
Taken 2006 October 7 in Mabou from the Cèilidh Trail (Highway 19) on the bridge over the Mabou River
GPS 46°04.173'N 61°23.719'W

This perfect day, the second in the streak of six, started with a frost in the morning. Whether that affected the colours seen here, I can’t say, but I was struck by the majestic beauty of this scene, with the Mabou River flowing towards the Gulf of St Lawrence in the foreground and the Cape Mabou Highlands rising above the trees along the shore, one of which is sporting a gorgeous fiery red mantle, all beneath a bright blue sky.

It always takes a bright sun and some red-clad trees to make a fall scene come alive for me. This year, we had the bright sun in abundance, but the red trees were not plentiful, at least in the places where I had come to expect to find them. Before my time on the Island ran out, I was successful in locating a fair number of red trees, but I spent a goodly amount of time searching for them and often, as here, they were lonely, standing out from their companions.