Colours on the Whycocomagh Road

Colours on the Whycocomagh Road
Photo 6 of 25: Colours on the Whycocomagh Road
Taken 2006 October 8 from the Whycocomagh Road 2.2 km (1.4 mi) west of its junction with Highway 252
GPS 45°59.02?'N 61°10.23?'W

The Indian River flows adjacent to and well below the part of the Whycocomagh Road nearest to Whycocomagh, explaining why the guardrails are present and necessary in this photo. It is a very pretty stream that is worth a stop, a look, and a listen if you are in the area, though it is not easily accessible from the road. It is beautiful, quiet places such as this one that draw me irresistably again and again to the back roads all over the Island.

In the previous autumns I have been on the Island, the Whycocomagh Road has always sported many brilliant red trees on the hillsides above the Indian River. This hillside holds the best display of reds in this area that I found this fall, but, compared to previous years, there are far fewer red trees and those that are there are pretty pale by comparison. A number of trees seen here have already lost many of their leaves; perhaps this is the explanation of why there are fewer red trees than usual, but it doesn’t explain why the reds appear less vivid than usual.