Colours at Meat Cove

Colours at Meat Cove
Photo 16 of 25: Colours at Meat Cove
Taken 2006 October 12 in Black Point from the Meat Cove Road
9 km (5.6 mi) from its junction with the Bay St Lawrence Road in St Margaret Village
GPS 47°01.577'N 60°32.180'W

Lying just inside Inverness County at the end of a gravel road with stunning views of the Gulf of St Lawrence and its coast, the Cape North massif, and the mountains which rise above and along the road, Meat Cove is one of the most spectacular sites on Cape Breton Island, well worth a trip there.

The green trees one sees at the middle left of the photo intermixed with those whose leaves are mostly oranges and yellows are deciduous trees, not conifers, whose much darker hues dominate the right side of the photo. Denuded trees can be seen at the summits all across the top of the photo and interspersed with the conifers at the right of the photo. My memory of the colours is that they were brighter than what the camera has captured, but much less striking than those around Capstick.

The trail leading to Cape St Lawrence and Lowland Cove can be seen in the centre of the photo skirting the mountain at the right as it makes its way up the mountains above the village. I was delighted to hike this trail this summer; my description of that hike can be found here.

[2012] In addition to the hike description, you can also find an entire photo essay devoted to what I saw on this incredible hike here.