MacIsaacs Glen Brook

MacIsaacs Glen Brook
Photo 25 of 25: MacIsaacs Glen Brook
Taken 2006 October 17 from the Trap à Mhathain (Bear Trap) Trail
about 32 minutes from its junction with the Cul Na Beinne (Beyond the Mountain) Trail
GPS 46°09.???'N 61°24.???'W

Ever since I discovered the Trap à Mhathain (Bear Trap) Trail last year, which I still maintain should be renamed the Singing Brook Trail, the happy sounds that MacIsaacs Glen Brook makes along almost the entire length of this trail have enchanted me; I can hear them in my mind still! I could therefore not resist including in this essay a photo of this glorious rill surrounded by fall colours, which, though soundless, still shows its simple and winsome beauty. This photo, taken about thirty-two minutes after I left the Cul Na Beinne (Beyond the Mountain) Trail, also known as MacKinnons Brook Lane, is representative of the brook’s course as it spills over rocks and small boulders, producing its songs of joy and contentment.

Oh, Cape Breton! With your great music resounding in our ears, what joy to our hearts and peace to our minds do your gorgeous lands bestow, cloaked in their glorious, if transient, autumn colours shining bright under skies of blue in the the warming sun! Til we shall meet once more!

I hope you have enjoyed this 2006 edition of the fall colours essay and I hope to see you in Cape Breton when I take photos for the 2007 edition.